Conscription age limit may be upped in Azerbaijan

Upper age limit for conscription can be raised in Azerbaijan.

The parliament told that a group of parliamentarians proposed to make amendments to the military legislation. One of the proposals is to make amendments to the Law on Military Position and Military Service.

According to the amendments, the 2nd paragraph of article 18 of the law is offered as follows: "The conscripts, who have lost the right of deferment, the persons, who have no right of deferment or no legal grounds to be freed from conscription, those who have not been conscripted for various reasons, are to be drafted until they are 40."

According to the current variant, this figure is 35.

The amendments aim at bringing the conscription system in conformity with the NATO system. The upper age limit in NATO member states is 45.

The draft law will be discussed at the parliament during the next session.

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