Georgian State will build 81 new clinics that will be under its management

Management of 81 newly built ambulatories will be carried out by the state. The average cost of an outpatient clinic will be 29 630 GEL. was told at the  Municipal Development Fund. According to them, the project will be financed entirely by the state, the project’s total cost will be 2 400 000 GEL.

“This project will be completely financed from the budget, donors are not involved in the construction of outpatient clinics," the Fund representative notes.

They also say that the clinics will be managed by the state. At this point the discussion of this issue is underway, namely whether the clinics will betransferred to the local municipalities or will remain under the management of the Health Ministry.

According to them, in the municipalities the brand new clinics will be built and according to the schedule, in the first two months 10 new outpatient clinics will be opened in  Georgia, in the third month - 15. The construction of 81 new outpatient clinics across the country will be completed by September 2014.

By that time the MDF has already announced a tender and a company is being selected.

Recall that by the decision of the Ministry of Health, a non-profitable  clinics located in the mountainous regions  will be transferred  to the state and  the state is ready to transfer unprofitable medical facilities located in the regions to municipalities. Health Minister David Sergeenko announced in a conversation with in September. 

How effective can the state management be for clinics?

According to President of the Insurance Institute, the quality of the management by the state will be the same as by other state bodies (Ministry, Agency , etc. ).

Nothing is impossible and the state administration may be effective, it is important to avoid the bureaucracy typical for the state and to focus on high standards," - says Gigolashvili, adding that the project is organically fits into the context of the universal  healthcare project - the state will develop only the clinics under its management.