Odesa oil refinery starts oil products shipment

First products of renewed products at Odesa oil refinery started to be shipped to consumers.

The VETEK press service told a Ukrinform correspondent about this.

“Odesa oil refinery, which is included into the VETEK group of companies that resumed work at the end of September, started shipment of oil products to consumers. Now, the major part of production capacities is operating, in particular, including: electric desalting plant, visbreaking, catalytic reforming and secondary distillation of gasoline. The company produces gasoline A-95 and diesel fuel according to environmental standards for fuel Euro 4 and standards for transportation and storage of liquefied hydrocarbon gas, which are in force in Ukraine.

In the perspective, a range of the enterprise's products will also include fuel for jet engines of the rocket-glider brand, fuel oil and liquefied gas.

In the medium-term perspective, VETEK group of companies intends to not only resume, but boost the plant's production volumes, implement new technologies and carry out a number of investment projects, having boosted partnership volumes with regional integrated enterprises,” the source notes.

Currently, about 500 persons have been working at the enterprise, including 150 -occupying newly created working places.

Supply of oil products from Odesa oil refinery is possible both by the railway and tank trucks.