Trade Unions oppose mass privatization of state property

The National Confederation of Moldovan Trade Unions (NCMTU) is speaking against the wholesale privatization of the state-run enterprises.

Commenting on the Government’s intention to put up for privatization 190 state assets, Head of the NCMTU, Oleg Budza said that several enterprises should be removed from this list. «This refers to the Chisinau Glass Factory, to the Chisinau health and recreation resort ‘Constructorul’, as well as to the ‘Moldova’ sanatorium located in Ukraine», – he said.

According to Oleg Budza, he had discussed this issue at a meeting with Deputy Premier, Minister of Economy Valeriu Lazar. Yet, the negotiations yielded no results, and now, the whole responsibility for the undertaken decision lays on the Moldovan Government.

«Valeriu Lazar reasoned this by the fact that these enterprises were detrimental. This is true, but at the same time, these companies have employees with a guaranteed salary, whereas the privatization may put all this at risk. The new owners will try to recoup the financial damages, first of all, and thus, will start reducing salaries and making people redundant», – said Budza.

He also said that representatives of the Moldovan Trade Unions should be included in the Privatization Committee, so as they participate in negotiations and monitor the observance of social guarantees, of the collective labor agreements, in order to head off the decreases in salaries and the mass dismissals.

Adapted from Infotag


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