Possible strike on Syria may shut water area of the Mediterranean Sea, Russian Defense Ministry says

The Mediterranean Sea may be closed for shipping during the military operation in Syria, the Russian Defense Ministry press office said quoting a ministry official as saying.

Deputy Minister of Defense Anatoly Antonov believes that in the waters of the Mediterranean will be inaccessible, as everyone will be afraid of a stray missile hitting a civilian commercial ship.

“I can not even imagine what will happen if it (missile) hits the Russian warship", said Anatoly Antonov.

As to reinforcement of the Russian Navy’s warship group deployed in the Mediterranean Sea, the official said that "this move is a normal response to the situation that is developing in this region. Our actions are legitimate and predictable".

Deputy Defense Minister also told journalists that shortly the fleet in the area will be expanded with a guided-missile cruiser Moskva. On 3 September two large amphibious assault ships of the Russian Navy set sail to the Mediterranean from a homeport in the Black Sea.

"Our actions are carried out in strict accordance with international law and the UN Charter. I would like to remind you that our Black Sea Fleet is responsible, inter alia, for the waters of the Mediterranean Sea as far as the Mediterranean Sea is close enough to the borders of Russia, it is clear that we need to closely monitor the situation in the region and to be prepared for any developments that may pose a threat to our national interests", said Anatoly Antonov.

He also noted that the presence of Russian ships in the Mediterranean does not mean that Russia has the intention and plans to take part in the proposed regional conflict.

Adapted from Portnews

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