Moldovan Premier suggests organizing video surveillance to combat “outrageous mess” on roads

Moldovan Prime Minister Iurie Leanca believes that one of the efficient-most methods to combat “outrageous mess” on Moldovan roads is to organize video surveillance all over the republic.     

On Thursday, Leanca convoked an emergency meeting of the National Traffic Safety Council to analyze the reasons of the unprecedented traffic accident that happed last Wednesday night and took away the lives of 8 young people.   

“Judging by the official statistic, the traffic-accident and road mortality rates are going down. But this latest tragedy showed that we must take resolute measures. One of such measures is to arrange video surveillance – at crossings, for the beginning. First, such surveillance facilities will appear in Chisinau at 41 busiest crossings. Then we will spread these technical means to all parts of the country. Our Chinese partners have already delivered appropriate equipment to Chisinau, and specialists are preparing it for installation”, said the Prime Minister.        

Iurie Leanca indicated a second essential-most measure:  strengthening of the responsibility of relevant ministries and agencies – first and foremost the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Transport and Road Infrastructure, which are directly responsible for the situation and security of traffic and roads in the country.    

“Today, traffic police has built up the number of its mobile teams on duty on Moldovan roads, and has converted its ongoing “White Nights” operation into a continuous online work regime. In collaboration with regional authorities, we shall impose a strict control over the selling of liquor – by time of the day and category of buyers. Our legislation prohibits selling alcoholic drinks at nighttime and to minors, so this simple rule must be observed by all, mustn’t it?” said the Prime Minister.        

Among other measures Iurie Leanca indicated a careful, bright marking at the most critical road segments, introduction of lessons on traffic regulations in schools to teach the young generation how to behave in the street, and other.     

As already reported by Infotag, three young girls and 5 young men died in the heavy car crush that happened last night at the entry to Chisinau in Muncesti Street. A 5-seat Renault Megan car, packed with the 8 residents of the Revaca and Floreni suburban villages, were traveling in excellent moods to their favorite karaoke bar in Chisinau. The excellent-quality road was deserted, so the young driver accelerated his car to a speed of approximately 200 kilometers per hour and failed to hold control of it at a turn, and the heavy vehicle smashed into a thick roadside tree.  

In 2013, the Moldovan traffic police have already registered 1,185 traffic accidents (in the whole of 2012 – 1,306), in which 131 persons were killed (last year – 186) and 1,453 were injured (in the whole of 2012 – 1,685).

Adapted from Infotag