Bulgartransgas plans to increase domestic gas consumption to 30% by 2020

With only 2.6% of all users, household natural gas consumption in Bulgaria is lagging behind the EU average of 30%.

Therefore, Bulgartransgas is planning to develop its transmission network via active investments in order to reach the 30% European average of domestic natural gas use by 2020, the company announced in its 10 years plan which it presented to the State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission.

This is the first document by the company that provides clarity and transparency about the long-term transmission network development plans of the company.

The plan foresees grand investments in the first 5 years. By the end of this year, the Silistra Region pipeline and the inter-collector link Ruse-Giurgiu will be both completed. Internal pipelines to Pirdop, to Svishtov and between Simitli and Bansko are also in their feasibility study phase. Their construction is to be paid from the next year's budget and and funding is sought from the Kozloduy International Fund.

Adapted from StandartNews