Russian river transport wear exceeded 80%

The rate of the Russian river transport wear reaches 83%, the Chamber of Accounts has announced based on the inspection on the use of funds for the state support of the domestic water transport. According to its report, the rate of useable hydraulic structures is only 24%.

The majority of navigation hydraulic structures, operated at the domestic waterways of Russia, were commissioned 50-70 years ago. The share of operable structures goes down permanently.

Besides, the Chamber of Accounts’ report notes that documents, governing the activities of the river transport organizations and maintenance of domestic waterways, were adopted in 1970-90-s and were not updated with due regard to up-to-date requirements.

The length of the domestic waterways, excluding the navigation equipment and guaranteed dimensions, has grown from 34.5 thousand km to 49.6 thousand km.

At that the volume of budget financing for measures, related to the support of the domestic water transport, had grown from 17.3 to 26.5 billion rubles over the period from 2010 till 2012.