Moldova re-launches navigation on Prut river

The trade navigation on the Prut river was re-launched July 1, after a 25-year period of inactivity, according to a press release by the Transport and Road Infrastructure Ministry.

During a ceremony carried out in the Giurgiulesti port, Transport and Road Infrastructure Minister Vasile Botnari said that the naval circulation on the Prut river would be carried out constantly and as a first advantage for the economic agents would be the possibility to transport goods at lowest prices.

The first barge, coming from Romania and transporting 550 tons of gravel, left for Cahul from Giurgiulesti port July 1. According to estimations, up to 200,000 tons of construction materials are going to be transported to Moldova on naval way in 2013.

At a meeting held with the Railways Moldova state enterprise’s management, Botnari was also informed about the fact that the restoration works of the damaged railways on the Giurgiulesti-Cahul segment would be started as soon as possible in order to re-launch the circulation of the cargo trains. Concomitantly, the construction of a 390-meterg-lenght European-type railways will be started as well to ensure the connection of the Giurgiulesti port with the Romanian railways.

Adapted from Moldpres