Gagauzia is not going to create its own security service – governor Formuzal

Mikhail Formuzal, the Bashkan of the southern Moldovan autonomous region of Gagauzia, has refuted assertions that the Gagauzia autonomy is allegedly going to create a security service of its own.   

Asked by journalists to comment the assertions, Formuzal stated, “I haven’t seen even a single official document or officially registered initiative to this regard. The Gagauzia leadership has no plans of such kind, so there is nothing to comment”.  

Dmitrii Konstantinov, Speaker of the Gagauzia Popular Assembly [legislature], also stated that he is not backing such an idea.    

“If there really exist some differences between Chisinau and Comrat, they should be negotiated and settled, instead of rushing at decisions that can only aggravate the differences”, said Konstantinov.    

As already reported by Infotag, Ivan Burguji, Chairman of the GPA Standing Commission for Legal Issues, Human Rights, Public Order, Information Policy and the Mass Media, renowned for his radical position on certain sensitive issues, stated recently that Gagauzia must have its own analog of Information and Security Service (ISS) that would be independent of the central authorities of Moldova.   

“When the Moldovan authorities overtly ignore Gagauzia’s rights and plenary powers, we should create our own intelligence service to be subordinate to Gagauzia’s administration. Such an agency is necessary for protecting the region’s interests in conditions when the official Chisinau ignores the rights and interests of the Gagauz people”, stated Ivan Burguji.     

In his belief, regional security service should work out a mechanism that would blockade any attempt to undermine the region’s economy, and should combat terror and organized crime.   

Adapted from Infotag