First local-anesthesia brain surgery successfully performed in Moldova

The first brain surgery, performed using just local anesthesia, has been successfully carried out in Moldova, neurosurgeon Grigore Zapukhlyh told Infotag.

In his words, this is the first surgery on cerebral tumor in dominant areas of the brain, which are responsible for speech.

“When the patient is under general anesthesia, we cannot control the functioning of the organs of speech. Very often, in such cases, patients that underwent surgeries under general anesthesia become paralyzed or deaf-and-dump,” said the surgeon.

According to the neurosurgeon, about 2 thousand brain operations are annually carried out in Moldova. In his words, during this surgery, the patient, a 23-year-old resident of Hincesti raion, was perfectly conscious and was even joking during the operation. At the end of the surgery he told doctors “You are really tough guys!”

The operation was 100% successful, as the doctors managed to fully remove the tumor.