USA to provide Moldova with about 36,000 dollars to safeguard precious museum artifacts

 The USA will provide the National Archaeology and History Museum of Moldova with a grant worth 36,400 dollars for the conservation of precious artifacts dating back from pre-historic times and till the 17th century. The grant will be given within the US Department of State’s programme “Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation.”.

“We are very happy that we have possibility to help safeguard the rich history of Moldova,” US Ambassador William H. Moser has said.

The project is to be implemented till late 2014, when the Thesaurus Hall from the above-mentioned museum, where the objects are to be exhibited, will be opened for public.

The artifacts include objects made from different materials: gold, silver, ivory, leather and textiles. They come from archaeological excavations on the territory of Moldova. Among the most valuable objects, there are articles from the Byzantine and Muslim periods, found in graves and settlements, as well as a collection of coins of the Golden Horde cast on the territory of Moldova.

The US embassy in Chisinau said Moldova is one of the five European states to receive financing through the Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation.

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