500-kilogram aerial bomb set off in Sevastopol / Photos / Video

500-kilogram German aerial bomb (SD-500) from the World War II times was set off in Sevastopol on June 16 at 7.28.

At 4.00 the aerial bomb was transported to the explosion site near the Tolstyy Cape using pontoons. When the bomb was lowered to the 10-meter depth at the 300-meter distance from the shore, two explosions were executed – a warning one and the bomb set off itself.

According to the Chief Department of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Sevastopol, the bomb was found last week by local residents at the bottom of the Quarantine Bay at the 4-meter depth and 40-meter distance from the shore. After the explosion an aerial bomb of this type gives more than 7 thousand splinters; the hydro-blow wave propagates to 2-km distance; and splinters spread for 500 meters.

On the day before the explosion Sevastopol residents were informed about the prohibition of access to a number of city beaches.



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