Moldovan teachers upgrade their history qualifications in Romania

A career enhancement history training course for Moldovan teachers started in Brasov, Romania on Monday. During four days, as many as 30 Moldovan teachers will attend public lectures held by Romanian history professors and well-known analysts: Radu Baltasiu, Ion Petrescu, Lulea Marius, as well as former Moldovan Prime Minister Mircea Druc.  

The participants in the skill-upgrading training course will speak about the Romanian geo-political importance in the European and Euro Atlantic area, which unites these two states (Romania and Moldova) under a common European future.  

This continuing education training course envisages the cooperation between Moldovan teachers and their colleagues from Romania, for the promotion of national history and values, as well as for outlining the future activities that will be carried out by Moldovan teachers in Romania. As many as 60 Moldovan teachers, of whom about a half are from different Moldovan districts, will take part in this program.

Adapted from Infotag