Bulgaria's President Signs Decree on Promulgation of Energy Act Amendments

Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev has issued a decree for the promulgation of Energy Act amendments adopted by Parliament on June 28.

Plevneliev, as cited by the press office of the President, argues that the legal changes are a step in the right direction but they will not suffice to resolve serious problems accumulated over the years in the sector.

"The solution of these problems requires systematic and consistent actions aimed at achieving the main goal, i.e. the sustainable development of the energy sector," he says in a media statement.

Plevneliev suggests that Bulgaria should fast-track the liberalization of the energy market so as to allow Bulgarian citizens to choose their electricity providers.

"Only the introduction of a free energy market will result in a sustainable model and will give people the certainty that they are paying an adequate amount for the service they get. The Bulgarian energy sector should develop under clear rules and market principles, not under the pressure for administrative reduction of prices," Plevneliev emphasizes.

He also notes that all problems of the energy sector, as well as the steps for their elimination, are contained in the analyses of the European Commission and the World Bank completed in end-May.

"It is now up to the competent bodies to decide if they accept the conclusions and recommendations stated in these reports and to say clearly which of them they will implement and to specify the respective deadlines," he concludes.

Adapted from novinite.com