“Scorpius” Yacht to complete its world cruise in Sochi

On July 5 the legendary “Scorpius” sailing vessel will complete its tour around the world in the framework of the international yacht festival “Black Sea 2013”.

“Scorpius” will become the flagship of the “Black Sea 2013” festival, which starts on June 27 in Sevastopol.

On July 5 the fleet of several sailing vessels, having gone along Sevastopol-Balaklava-Yalta-Feodosiya-Novorossiysk-Gelendzhik route, will finish in Sochi – at the local “Imeretin” Port.

“Scorpius” Yacht left for its expedition in September 2011. Since the moment of start it has covered more than 90 thousand kilometers along the virtually unexplored areas of the world ocean.

This is the first time in the history that a sailing vessel has need less than 2 months to round the North Pole.

English translation by BSN