Foreign investments into the Crime reached approximately $1.5 billion

By the beginning of 2013 the volume of direct foreign investments into the Crimea from 49 countries reached $1.46 billion.

According to the Crimean Minister of Finance Nicolay Skoryk, foreign investments per Crimean resident amount to $748, exceeding the figure of 2012 by $152. The vast majority of all foreign capital has been invested into construction, agriculture, and environmentally friendly power industry.

According to the Ukrainian Credit Rating Agency (UCRA), the Crimea has the highest investment attractiveness level of IА1 and credit rating uaА.

The list of the largest investors into the Crimea is topped by Filasa Internetional (France), Greenworks (Belgium), Green Max Capital Advisors (the USA), and WKN AG (Germany).

English translation by BSN