Turkish PM accuses foreign media of 'exaggerating' protests

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip on June 13 accused foreign media corporations of biased and inaccurate reporting of Gezi Park protests.

«It's as if the whole of Turkey is burning and is demolished. In some local areas this happened. Who did this, the lovers of this country, the environmentalists? Who set public buildings on fire? Who set buses on fire? Who light up the vehicles of the security forces? Who set 200 cars of my beloved people on fire?» Erdogan asked.

«Yesterday over 30 protestors were taken into custody at the London protests against the upcoming G8 meeting. London police dragged them on the ground. However, some Turkish media groups supporting the protests in Turkey did not even broadcast video footage or photos from London.»

Erdogan also defied a non-binding resolution by the European Parliament which expressed concern over «the disproportionate and excessive use of force» by Turkish police.

«l do not recognize any decision that the parliament of the European Union makes on Turkey» Erdogan told a meeting of his Justice and Development (AK) Party.

Erdogan said the EP has failed to make a statement over G8 protests in London, «its own member country [...] Turkey is not a member of the EU right now. How come the members of its parliament took a decision that concerns my country? How could they dare?»

«They (the EU) have this guy who is responsible for enlargement. He visits Turkey frequently and holds talks with us. He is unable to present an antithesis before me but he posts on Twitter against us. Do you think this is moral? And on the other hand, there is this social democrat who previously criticized Turkey's main opposition. Now he is making a new statement criticizing us this time to correct his supposed mistake. Does he really know what is going on here in Turkey?»

Adapted from Worldbulletin