Transnistria adopts anotherborder-related document

Following the law «On the State Border of the PMR», the president of the self-styled Transnistrian Moldovan Republic, Yevgeny Shevchuk, approved «Regulations on Stations for Crossing the State Border of the PMR».   

The document stipulates that the republic shall have seven «International Border-Crossing Stations» on Transnistria’s border with the Republic of Moldova, of which five shall be automobile ones (Kamenka/Senatovka, Rybnitsa/Rezina. Dubossary/Criuleni, Bendery/Chisinau, and Bendery/Causeni) and two railroad ones – Bicioc/Gura Bicului and Bendery-2/Chisinau.     

According to the document, there shall be three other categories of border-crossing stations – «inter-state ones on the border with Moldova» (numbering 5); «local-significance stations» (8), and «temporary posts» (8).     

The government has been requested to provide necessary financing for a step-by-step designing, construction and/or reconstruction of the stations.    

President Shevchuk demanded from the Transnistrian committee for state security, ministry of the interior and customs committee to work out and approve, all within 3 months, technological schemes of letting persons, motor vehicles, cargoes, goods and animals across the border stations. 

Adapted from Infotag