Dutch experts to share experience with Moldovan small business representatives

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Centre for Continuous Formation (CFC) and the Netherlands Senior Experts – PUM organisation will boost the cooperation in order to initiate projects meant for the small and middle-sized enterprises (IMM). In the context, on 7 June, the centre’s head Victoria Cotici met representatives of the above-mentioned organisation and discussed the cooperation opportunities.

The PUM’s coordinator in Moldova, Noor Bruning Van Eerde, said that the mentioned organisation had been holding long time ago in Moldova projects on exchange of experience for the IMM. At the same time, the Dutch government is willing to boost the cooperation relations with Moldova.

«PUM gathers over 4,000 experts from different sectors: agricultural, zootechnical, tourism, energy, ago-food etc. They are professionals and have large knowledge, due to their activity as directors or to their own business. The experts are willing to share their skills to the Moldovan entrepreneurs,» the quoted source said.

For her part, Cotici described the Dutch experience as welcome to the Moldovan business people. «In November 2012, the CFC organised several seminars focused on the energy efficiency and headed by the Dutch experts. Over 20 entrepreneurs remarked the performance of trainers, the practical aspect of training and the actuality of approached issues. In the context, we want to boost the cooperation with the PUM in other sectors as well,» she said.

The Moldovan enterprises are small and middle-sized. Once the business internationalised and the new technologies appeared, the economy real sector needs to adjust to new realities. The experience as regards the efficient organisation of business, the implementation of new technologies, entering new sales market would help the IMM develop and become more competitive, Cotici said.

At the end of the meeting, the sides agreed to work out a joint plan of activities in the near future.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry has a similar partnership with the Senior Experten Service organisation, having a 10-year-cooperation.

Adapted from Moldpres