Odessa port cargo transshipment in January – May 2013

According to operating data of the Odessa port main dispatching office, the cargo transshipment in the first five months of 2013 has amounted to 8910.6 thousand tons, which is by 2458.5 thousand tons less than in the same period of 2012.

Such recession has been mainly conditioned by the transfer of the major part of Kazakh oil and oil products’ transit to Russian ports. In particular, in May 2103 the volume of cargo transshipment at oil harbor piers amounted to 203.8 thousand tons (in May 2012 – 794.7 thousand tons). The overall recession for the bulk cargos reached 2199.1 thousand tons, port.odessa.ua informs.

The dry cargo recession is not that large and amounts to 259.5 thousand tons. Certain growth has been recorded for several positions, including:

- Container transshipment in January – May 2013 has amounted to 2464.5 thousand tons (in 2012 – 1987.3 thousand tons),

- Iron ore concentrate transshipment – 1212.5 thousand tons (in 2012 – 874.2 thousand tons), and

- Liquefied gas transshipment – 400.8 thousand tons (in 2012 – 315.7 thousand tons).

English translation by BSN