Battleship, sunk near Gelendzhik, may be transformed into an underwater museum

Divers of the Russian Geographic Society in Gelendzhik have gone down by 40 meters. Their objective is to study the imperial battleship «Imperatritsa Ekaterina Velikaya», also known as «Svobodnaya Rossiya», sank 95 years ago.

Until the end of this year divers will explore all compartments and, which is the most important task for them, to reach the upper deck, which is currently submerged in the layer of silt and sand – the battleship has sunk with its keel up.

There are plans to transform the battleship «Imperatritsa Ekaterina Velikaya» into an underwater museum, Nineth chanel informs.

Renamed into «Svobodnaya Rossiya», the battleship was sunk in 1918 by the order of Lenin not to leave it to German troops.

English translation by BSN