Europe day marked in Tiraspol for the first time ever

Europe Day was marked for the first time ever in the capital of the breakaway Transnistrian republic – Tiraspol, two and a half weeks later after the celebration of this holiday in Chisinau.   

According to the local media, the main celebrations were organized in the Pobeda [Victory] Park, where an improvised «European village» was created. Representatives of the European Union countries installed there tables and stands carrying information on different EU states.

At the same time, visitors could take part in different contests, taste national dishes and beverages and receive souvenirs.  

The Head of the European Union Delegation to Moldova, Ambassador Dirk Schuebel said that the organized festivities were a unique event that has never been marked before.   

«Representatives of European Union states came to Tiraspol in order to speak of their history and to show their culture. We felt the willingness for cooperation on the behalf of the Transnistrian authorities and in consequence – we managed to create a good mood, a wonderful atmosphere and lots of happy smiling faces,» he said.   

UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in the Republic of Moldova, Nicola Harrington-Buhay reminded that the United Nations Development Programme, jointly with the European Union, is carrying out a large-scale program in Moldova, aimed at bolstering confidence between the two banks of the Dniester.   

«The budget of the program stands at 10.6 million euros, meant for the development of entrepreneurship, civil society, for restoring social infrastructure assets, as well as for protecting the national environment and healthcare. Due to this project we managed to carry out a string of humanitarian projects, in particular with the support of UNICEF and WHO – in the field of perinatal medicine, so as to have healthy children,» she said.   

Adapted from Infotag