Moldovan salaries increase 11.2% in a year

The average pay rates in Moldova made 3,638 lei (US$292), which is by 11.2% more than against the equivalent period of the last year. With regard to the current inflation rate, de facto, the salaries went 6.7% up.   

According to the National Statistics Bureau, in the budgetary field, the average salaries rose 10.1% in a year, up to 3,257 lei, whereas in the real sector of economy – by 10.8% - up to 3,793 lei.  

As usually, the highest salaries were paid to those employed in the financial sector – 7,696 lei (+6.7%), as well as in the field of heating, power, gas and water supply – 5,834 (+10.8%).   

Due to the 22.4%-increase in the salaries of public officials, they took the 4th position among the highly paid categories of citizens – 4,576 lei, being outstripped by realtors -  with average salaries of 4,841 lei (+17.1%).

The lowest salaries were recorded in the fishing industry – 1,837 lei (+16.2%), as well as in agriculture and forestry sectors – 2,153 (+10.4%).   

The average pay rates in education sector went 6.1% up in a year, to 2,978 lei, although the Government had promised that the ongoing optimization of schools [which implies the merger and closing down of some education institutions] will lead to a higher increase in their salaries.

 In the field of healthcare and social protection, the average pay rates made 3,473 lei (+11.7%). 

Adapted from Infotag