Premier-designate attends Moldovan-Italian enterprises forum

Prime Minister-designate Iurie Leanca on May 22 participated in the works of the first forum of Italian and Moldovan-Italian enterprises in Moldova, the government’s communication and media relations department has reported.

During the event, the Italian Ambassador to Moldova, Enrico Nunziata, stressed that the organisation of this forum would lead to several benefits for the two countries. Nunziata underlined the interest of the Italian economic agents to invest in the Moldovan economy and this factor’s contribution to Moldova’s development.

«I am confident about the fact that the Italian-Moldovan economic ties, due to cultural and, in particular, to linguistic affinities, have a great prospect. The investments that Italy makes in the Republic of Moldova represent a contribution to the economic development, as well as to the European integration process,» Nunziata said.

Leanca welcomed the organisation of the first forum of Italian and Moldovan-Italian enterprises in Moldova, emphasising that it should be continued.

«The Republic of Moldova enjoys certain advantages. The free trade area that we have with the Commonwealth of the Independent States and the fact that we are on the last stage of completing the negotiation process on a free trade agreement and, in prospect, the creation of a joint economic area with the European Union, offers our country an additional attractiveness. This means that any good that can be produced in our country may be exported to the East and to the West as well,» Leanca said.

Leanca also underscored that, for the Moldovan government, it was imperative to improve the business environment in order to attract new investments, including by the participation of the Moldovan citizens working abroad.

«For us, Italy is an obvious partner both from the political point of view and the economic one as well. Those 600 enterprises with Italian capital operating in Moldova represent a good start, but we still have to turn to good account our joint potential,» Leanca said.

The forum of Italian and Moldovan-Italian enterprises in Moldova was organised by the Italian embassy in Chisinau, in partnership with the Moldovan and Italian Chambers of Commerce and the Confindustria Moldova. The forum includes delivering of speeches in such specialised areas as the taxation system, customs services and e-services.

Adapted from Moldpres