Georgian Tourism Agency forecasts the 40% rise in the number of visits in 2013

The National Tourism Agency does not share the opinion of the leading expert from the Parliament Committee on the industry economy Marina Metreveli and forecasts the 40% rise in the number of visitors in 2013.

The Agency says that in the 1st quarter of 2013, as compared with the similar period in 2012, the number of tourists grew by 32%. They also note that, based on the market specificity, marketing campaign are launched at the end of May. New trends, like Russia and Kazakhstan, also emerge, allowing to expect the growth in the tourist flow by 32-40%.

Metreveli has earlier declared that, due to inadequate marketing campaign, she forecasts the same number of tourists as in 2012, but will also not exclude the reduction in the tourist flow, Business Georgia informs.

English translation by BSN