Bulgarian CEC voices final election results

The Central Electoral Committee has voiced the final results of the vote for the next National Assembly.

GERB receives 30.50% of support with 97 MPs, followed by the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) with 26.61% or 84 MPs; the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) with 11.29% or 36 MPs and Ataka with 7.30% or 23 MPs. The number of people having voted for GERB is 1 081 605, for the BSP – 942 541, for MRF – 400 466 and for Ataka – 258 481. The number of valid votes is 3 541 745, while invalid ones are 90 047. Below the 4-percent admission line remain the National Front for Saving Bulgaria – 3.71%, the Movement Bulgaria for the Citizens – 3.35% and Democrats for Strong Bulgaria with 2.91%.

Adapted from Bulgarian National Radio


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