Odessa to join the European Night of Museums

08:07 16.05.2013

On May 18, «Collage Museum, Collage in Museum» project will be presented in Odessa Private Collections Museum.

On May 18, 2013, “Collage Museum, Collage in Museum” project will be introduced in Odessa A.V Bleshchunov Private Collections Museum (19, Polish Street) in the network of European Commission’s “New Breath of Culture: Art Vitalizes Heritage” Grant Culture Program.

The concept of the Project is destined to interpret the Museum as a holistic art object – a collage of subjects having been gathered by one person all around the world and united in the museum space.

Young authors from three countries (7 artists from Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia each), after having studied the museum’s collection, will create different collages on its base – traditional, volume, carpet-like, postcard-like ones, etc. They will work in the museum itself, as well as taking “art expeditions” around the city, to gather fragments for their author’s objects. Numerous subjects, newspapers, magazines, announcements, photos – all these might become a part of collages and illustrate the showpiece the author’s chosen.

The authors will be working for 7 days before the Night of Museums.

During the event, the guests of the museum will have an opportunity to attend collage techniques master classes and create author’s work themselves.
Traditionally, admittance to the museum on this night is FREE of charge.

Adapted from: Official site of Odessa city