Russian Embassy regards appeals to rename Victory Day into mourning day as provocation

The Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Moldova regards as a provocation the calls being heard these days from the Civil Platform «Actiunea 2012» and some local politicians to rename the Victory Day of May 9 into a day of mourning and to upset the big concert being prepared for veterans in the Chisinau's central square.   

The Embassy wrote in its press release that it regards such provocative statements as one insulting the memory of millions of people who sacrificed their lives for the sake of Victory over the Nazi enslavers.     

«Such statements humiliate the dignity of Great Patriotic War veterans, including the ones residing in Moldova, thank to whom the peoples of our countries live under a peaceful sky now», said the document.  

The Embassy’s press service pointed out that these recent statements caused the indignation of many local civil society organizations and citizens of Moldova, who are asking to prevent the realization of these blasphemous plans.   

«In that war, the people of Russia, Moldova and other countries fought shoulder to shoulder against fascism. And it is only natural that a desire appears to organize for our veterans a holiday dedicated to the Great Victory, which became the main event and cause of their life. As for the insane calls to cancel the celebration of this date, they sound at least immorally and cynically, and the attempts to blacken the glorious pages of our common history do not indeed promote the consolidation of the Moldovan society or strengthening of trust between Russia and Moldova», said the Embassy’s press release.    

Meanwhile, the Civil Platform «Actiunea 2012» is going to use May 7 and 8 for protesting before the Chisinau City Hall to demand the cancellation of the Victory Day concert, or moving it over to another place in the city. Besides this, the pro-Romania activists are demanding to re-name May 9 into a mourning day to thus venerate the memory of all those who died in that war «as well as all the victims of the Soviet regime in Bessarabia». 

Adapted from Infotag


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