10 million rubles for unauthorized construction demolition allocated from Sochi budget

According to the Sochi City Hall press service, 10 million rubles have been allocated for demolition of unauthorized construction buildings in the city.

There are promises to allocated additional funds from the Krai and Federal budgets. “The Krai will give us 100 million rubles more and, probably, there will also be some federal funds. They will be spent not for the demolition of garages, like many people think, but for large-scale objects”, – Sochi Mayor Anatoliy Pakhomov has noted.

According to the information from the City Administration, the allocated funds must be returned to the Government from the owners of demolished structures: “The scheme is quite simple: first a house is demolished at the Government expense, then the damage for the budget is calculated, and finally criminal proceedings are initiated”.

Adapted from: СОЧИ-24

English translation by BSNews