About a million passengers already used Kuban airports services in 2013

Based on the results of the work in January – March this year the passenger traffic of the Krasnodar Krai airports grew up to 965 thousand passengers, exceeding the similar period of 2012 by 9.6%.

More than 218 thousand passengers were transported by international airlines (growth by 26.3%), and more than 746 thousands – by national ones (plus 5.6%).

The largest growth of passenger traffic (by 31.8%) was recorded at Anapa airport, providing services to more than 41 thousand passengers.

Sochi airport passenger traffic grew by 13.4% in the first quarter of 2013, exceeding 383 thousand passengers. More than 64 thousands out of them flied to international destinations (growth by 27.5 %), and more than 318 thousand passengers flied to domestic destinations (plus 10.9%).

Krasnodar International Airport provided services to more than 536 thousand passengers (growth by 7.8%). More 153 thousand passengers went to international destinations (plus 25.6 %) and more than 383 thousands – to domestic ones (plus 2%).

Adapted from:Югополис

English translation by BSNews