Digital Moldova-2020 strategy presented at ICT SUMMIT 2013

The draft of Digital Moldova 2020 Strategy was presented on April 17 at the MOLDOVA ICT SUMMIT 2013, held in Chisinau.   

Acting Minister of Information Technology and Communications (ITC), Pavel Filip, said at the presentation of this strategy that a year ago, the blueprint of this document was presented at a special meeting of the Moldovan Government and that now, the team of the ITC Ministry is presenting the results of the carried out work.      

«We have a good situation in the development of the ITC field. This is also proven by the international ratings. As much as 98% of the Moldovan populated areas have access to 3G coverage. The penetration rate of the mobile telephony services has reached 120% and Moldova ranks 20th in terms of average Internet access speed. We must ensure the continuity of these processes, by promoting foreseeable policies,» said Minister Pavel Filip.    

According to the minister, the main role of this project is to create the needed conditions and to establish the correct directions, for ensuring the development of informational technologies in the next 8 years.      

«The Digital Moldova 2020 Strategy is focused on three main principles that lay at the basis of the development of information community: infrastructure, access, digital content and electronic services, the consolidation of the existent potential and the use of the ICT benefits. The implementation of this strategy will make it possible to increase the competitiveness of the Moldovan economy, to enhance the quality of state management and the living conditions of the Moldovan people,» stressed the Minister of Informational Technologies and Communications.     

Acting Prime Minister Vlad Filat highlighted the importance of the Digital Moldova 2020 Strategy, noting that it is meant to consolidate projects on providing electronic services in the Republic of Moldova.  

Adapted from Infotag