EU to help Moldovan citizens purchase biomass heating systems

More than 600 Moldovan families would be able to purchase modern biomass heating systems at affordable prices, which would be partially covered by the EU.

According to a press release of the EU-United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Moldovan government in partnership with the EU-UNDP «Energy and Biomass» project, launched a programme that would offer Moldovan citizens from villages and small towns the opportunity to purchase pellet, briquette or combined boilers at a 30-per-cent-lower price.

Only heating systems assembled and produced in Modova would be sold within the programme. The Agency for Energy Efficiency has accredited nine companies so far to sell boilers within the programme.

The programme’s budget amounts to 640.000 euros, whereas the EU would refund 1000 euros per each installed boiler.

The «Energy and Biomass» is a four-year project, which was launched in Moldova in 2011. The project’s total budget amounts to 14.56 million euros, which is granted by the EU (14 million euros) and by the UNDP Moldova (560.000 euros).

Adapted from Moldpres