Approximately one million of visitors crossed Georgian border in 2013

In the period of January – March 2013 the State Border of Georgia was crossed by 929 thousand visitors, exceeding the results of the similar period in 2012 by 218 thousands.

Such information has been announced by the Information and Analytics Department of the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The Department data show that, out of the total number of visitors, 343.5 thousand people are tourists, 122 thousands are transit passengers, and 463.3 thousands are visitors of other categories.

The majority of visitors (369.1 thousand people) arrived from Turkey. Second place is occupied by citizens of Azerbaijan – 206.8 thousands, third – by Armenians (171.1 thousands). They are followed by Russians (90.1 thousands), citizens of the European Union (25.1 thousands), Ukraine (17.5 thousands), and Iran (15.5 thousands).

Adapted from:Новости Грузия

English translation by BSNews


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