The net inflow of direct foreign investments to Moldova decreased 1.8 times to $159.21 mln. in 2012

The inflow of foreign investments into the economy of Moldova amounted to $336.59 mln. in 2012, 21.8% or $93.9 mln. down as compared with 2011; the outflow made up $177,38 mln., 18.7% or $27.91 mln. up, NBM reports.

According to NBM, investments in the capital stock and reinvested net profit were $135.79 mln. in 2012, 43% down as compared with $238.32 mln. registered in 2011. The inflow of investments in the fixed capital made up $204.58 mln., 9.3% up, the outflow growing 36% to $58.95 mln. In 2012 the reinvested profit amounted to minus $9.84 mln against $94.42 mln recorded in 2011.

Despite growing investments in the equity capital, the decline in direct foreign investments was explained by lower amounts of reinvested profit because shareholders of a lot of foreign-capital enterprises received dividends that exceeded the profit of 2012. Close to 27.7% of the total inflow of direct foreign investments to Moldova were made by purchases of real estate by non-resident individuals and legal entities.

Adapted from Allmoldova