Export from Moldova to grow by 7.5%, - the Ministry of Economy projects

According to the forecast by the Economy Ministry in 2013 exports from Moldova is expected to increase by 7.5% ($2325 mln.) against the decline by 2.5% recorded in 2012.

Within 2014-2016 export from Moldova is forecasted to grow by 13%, 125 and 11% every year. When commenting on foreign trade performances of Moldova in 2012, the Acting Economy Minister pointed out that record-breaking measures were recorded in 2011. «On the background of such a high comparative base and the decline in 2012 in the national agriculture, which acts an extremely important part in the export of Moldova, it was very difficult to achieve positives results» he said.

Last year Moldova saw the decline in exports of seed, crops, metal-roll, etc. Russia consolidated its status of the major export partner of Moldova, making the 30.3% share in the total export from our country. In 2012, as before, the share of CIS states in the structure of export from Moldova increased, climbing from 41.5% to 42.9%; amounts of productions exported to CIS states growing by 0.9%. The portion of the EU states in the total volume of export from Moldova decreased from 48.8% to 46.9%, in 2012, deliveries of Moldovan commodities to the EU declining by 6.4%.

According to Valeriu Lazar, this is explained by difficulties in the area of euro and low competitiveness of Moldovan production on markets of the EU. At the same time, statistics on import to Moldova show a contrary situation: a share and amounts of import from the EU were increasing, a share and amounts of import form CIS were declining. According to Valeriu Lazar, this indicates that European commodities are more competitive on our market than eastern ones. In 2012 Moldova chiefly imported energy and feedstock, imports of beverages, meat and meat products and crops also growing to the shortage in their domestic production. In 2012 imports to Moldova grew 0.4%. The Economy Ministry projects they will grow 6% in 2013 and 9-9.5% a year within the next three years.

Adapted from Allmoldova



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