Georgia is ranked 66 in the tourism competitiveness country rating

The Global Economic Forum (GEF) has published the rating of countries on the level of competitiveness in the sector of tourism and travel in 2013. Georgia, improving its rating by positions, has been ranked 66th out of 140 countries.

According to Georgia Online, GEF makes this rating every two years. The Forum assesses the quality of the government regulation in tourism, business development, infrastructure, and available natural, human, and cultural resources.

Switzerland has become this year’s leader in tourism competitiveness and was also ranked 1st two years ago.

The top 5 list includes Germany, Austria, Spain, and Great Britain.

This year France was moved from 3rd to 7th position. Sweden also went down from 5th to 9th position. The best growth was shown by Panama, moving from 56th to 37th position. The deepest fall was for Algeria, going down from 113th to 132nd. Russia went down from 59th to 63rd in the tourism competitiveness rating. The USA is ranked 6th.

English translation by BSN