Police, Cossacks and FMS to patrol Krasnodar and Sochi in April

The police, Cossacks and agents of the Federal Migration Service will start patrolling streets in Krasnodar and Sochi, head of the Directorate of the Federal Migration Service Igor Semenyakin told Governor Alexander Tkachyov, ITAR-TASS reports.

The governor noted the need to restore four detention centers for illegal migrants and ordered activation of migration control.

Over 700,000 migrants arrived in the Krasnodar Territory in 2012. Most of them come from Ukraine, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan. Two thirds of them remain in Krasnodar or Sochi. The number of migrants this year has increased by 25%. Over 110,000 migrants arrived in the first two months. 170,000-180,000 foreigners stay in the region permanently. Most of them are into construction. About 16,000 work at 57 Olympic facilities.

Adapted from: Vestnik Kavkaza