Russian spent a billion Euro in Greece

According to the National Bank of Greece, the Russian market in 2012 showed the highest growth of the tourism traffic to the country, partially helping Greece to compensate negative consequences of the recession. 875 thousands of Russians spent approximately €947 million in Greece, exceeding the 2011 result by 27%.

According to Greece today, the entry of foreign tourists to Greece went down by 5.5% over the last year – to 15.5 million people. At that, the tourism traffic from Russia grew by 18.4%.

The number of tourists from European countries, coming to Greece in 2012, was by 11% lower than in 2011. The tourism traffic from France went down by 15%, from Germany – by 5.9%, while the number of guests from Britain grew by 9.3%.

The yearly inflow of currency from tourism amounted to €10 billion, going down by 4.6%. Guests from the Euro zone spent €4.3 billion, which is less than in 2011 by 13%.

English translation by BSN