US State Department recognizes Sargsyan as Armenian President

Press secretary of the US State Department Victoria Nuland called the elections in Armenia well-organized, with respect of freedom principles, reports.

Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan has been re-elected with 58.64% of votes. The OSCE ODIHR recognizes legitimacy of the elections.

Nuland noted that there had been violations and interferences made by Sargsyan’s supporters.

Raffi Ovannisyan, leader of the Heritage Party and ex-Foreign Minister of Armenia, got 36.75% (539,672) votes, former Prime Minister Grant Bagratyan got 2.15% (31,643) of votes, leader of the Union for National Self-Determination Paruyr Ayrikyan got 1.23% (18,093), head of Radio Hay Andrias Gukasyan got 0.57% (8,328), epos researcher Vardan Sedrakyan got 0.42% (6,203) and former Foreign Minister of Nagorno-Karabakh Arman Melikyan 0.24% (3,516).

60.05% of the population (1,518,407) voted.

Adapted from: Vestnik Kavkaza


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