Over 50 per cent of the state properties have been privatized in Moldova

Over 50 per cent of the state properties, put up for auction by the Public Properties Agency (APP) in 2012, have been privatized. Thus, about 41 state public properties estimated at 140 million lei were privatized in 2012.After transactions,the revenues at the state budget reached 130,74 million lei or 50.28 per cent of the budget plan for 2012.

Also, the APP within its competences ensured sale and purchase of lands related to public properties amounting to 3,752 million lei and approved the privatization of uninhabitable rooms in leasing estimated at 11,752 million lei.

According to the Economics Ministry’s information and press relations service, in 2012, in line with the legislation, the APP staged over 105 state public properties, out of which 41 were privatized. Three rounds of «outcry» auctions were organized and held at the stock exchange, by displaying the state shares of 45 stock companies, including 19 stock companies with state share exceeding 51 per cent. As a result, there were traded securities of the state public property belonging to 12 stock companies, including «Viorica-Cosmetic», ArtMet mechanical plant, cannery of Cosnita, Dubasari district, winery of Saratenii Vechi, Telenesti district, Soldanesti-based tobacco fermentation plant, Hincesti-based dairy factory etc.

In 2012, three investment contests and three trade contests were held by displaying 28 state property goods, including 7 movie theatres (from the cities of Edinet, Glodeni, Stefan Voda, Telenesti, Rezina, Leova and Vulcanesti) and 11 state-owned enterprises of single property compounds and one aircraft YAK-40.

After the investment contests, there have been privatized the state shares of 7 stock companies. In all, goods worth 31,910 million lei were privatized at the contest, the minimum amount of investments reaching 71,819 million lei.

As a result of the trade contest, two state-owned enterprises were privatized («Meridian» of Balti municipality and Alco-N, Chişinău), amounting to 20,605,000 lei.

Adapted from Moldpres