Nearly 80,000 cases of flu and respiratory infections registered in Romania during a week

The National Center for Surveillance and Control of Communicable Diseases announced that between January 21 and 27, over 80,000 people were diagnosed with respiratory infections and flu in Romania.

Fortunately, there were no casualties during the week. This was 10.5 percent more than in the previous week, and 2.5 percent more than in the same week in 2012.

During the same week, the number of flu cases was limited  and sporadic. So far have been a total of four deaths, of which two were confirmed due to the flu, namely the one on January 19, in Cluj county, and the one on January 9, in  Bistrita-Nasaud. From the beginning of the season of acute respiratory infections and until January 29, 37 cases of flu were confirmed, of which 25 were type AH1, four were AH3 and eight were type B.

So far this winter, over 720,000 Romanians in high risk categories have had the flu shot from the Ministry of Health.

Adapted from Romania-insider