Flue in Russia is attacking

Gennady Onishchenko, chief state sanitary doctor of Russia, will welcome the Georgian delegation on February 4th, but ahead of the event the he presented the situation on flue in Russian regions.

In 19 regions of Russia we see the excess of the epidemic threshold. “But the excess is not catastrophic. In Kostroma there is 14% of the excess of the epidemic threshold, in Ryazan - 11%, in Yaroslavl - 26%, in Vologda - 13%, in Samara - 8%, in Saratov - 17%, in the Sverdlovsk region - 13.8%, in Chelyabinsk - 9.4%, in Novosibirsk - 38%, this is already significant, in Tomsk - 19%, in Moscow - 9.8%. Last time I told you that there was not enough 3.4% for exceeding the epidemic threshold; now we have exceeded it. In St. Petersburg - 9.6%, and in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug - 35%, in Bashkortostan - 61%, the process is most intense in Bashkiria. In Chuvashia - 12%, in Sakha - 23%, in Altai - 22%, in Krasnoyarsk - 15% and in the Jewish Autonomous Region - 28.3%,” Onishchenko says.

As for age groups, everything goes according to the classic version. The children group is mostly affected, and in the group of 0-2 years, that is, toddlers, we are in excess in the 24 regions of the Russian Federation. In the group of 3-6 years the threshold is exceeded in 31 subjects of the Russian Federation.

Moscow was the first to exceed the threshold by 9.8%. The most intensive process is in the group of 0-2 years - 13%, 3-6 years - 1.3%, the group of 7-14 years is lower than the estimated threshold, - 10%, and as for the adult population, the incidence is 26% less than the threshold. The example of Moscow shows that all the growth was due to the child population. Over the last week there were 80 618 cases of SARS and influenza, including 47,780 children. The share of children was 59.2%.

The closure of schools is a preventive, prophylactic measure to prevent epidemic. In the fourth week we closed 28 schools with a total of 5403 children in 18 regions of Russia. 180 schools in 41 subjects closed just 1-2 classes. When the threshold of 30% is exceeded, we say, kids, let's go home! Learn at home for a week. As for child care centers, 25 kindergartens in 16 regions were closed.

Adapted from: Vestnik Kavkaza