World Bank to provide loan in Moldova's education reform

On January 25 the World Bank approved a loan estimated at 40 million dollars in the education reform in Moldova. The new project will back the government in implementing the reforms meant to strengthen the quality education and to help making efficient the education sector.

According to a press release by the World Bank, the Education Reform Project will finance the reforms in four main sectors: implementation of the quality ensurance standards in the functional schools, introduction of programmes on training and paying teachers and headmasters, improvement of the systems on assessing pupils and improvement of quality data and management systems.

The project will contribute to improving the eductional sector for the next five years.

Since 1992, when Moldova has joined the World Bank, the country received 910 million dollars meant for 45 projects. Presently, the WB portfolio comprises 11 active projects, being estimated at 256 million dollars. Support sectors are routed to education, social assistance, e-governing, medical assistance, water supply and sewerage system, agriculture and business development.

Adapted from Moldpres


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