Russia to set up mercantile and military fleet at the Black Sea

A ship-repairing yard may soon appear in Novorossiysk. This information has been provided by Russian Vice-Prime-Minister Dmitriy Rogozin.

Such intention has been announced by Mr. Rogozin at the meeting, devoted to the issues of the Black Sea fleet location and development of the ship-repairing facilities at the southern part of Russia.

According to the Vice-Prime-Minister, at present all shipbuilding and ship-repairing companies are located at the North and the Far East. And these assets are limited by cold latitudes, restraining the possibility to support the country’s progress at the Black Sea and its appearance in the Mediterranean.

According to Mr. Rogozin, another intolerable fact is that a part of the Soviet shipbuilding and ship-repairing capacities has been left in Ukraine.

He believes that the significance of the Black Sea fleet has not gone away and is currently getting stronger, and the authorities have to “keep their powder dry”.

“Russia will be build fleets at the Black Sea - both mercantile and military ones. And it will also set up a ship-repairing yard in Novorossiysk”, – the Krasnodar Krai Administration press service quotes Mr. Rogozin.

English Translation by BSN

Adapted from: Zhivaya Kuban'


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