Kurdish deputy: Iran could be behind Paris killings

Mardin deputy of the pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) Ahmet Türk has said Iran could be behind the recent killings of three PKK-linked Kurdish women in Paris.

Speaking to reporters on January 14, Türk, who also met with the leader of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) as part of peace talks to end the perennial conflict between Turkish authorities and PKK, pointed to Iran as a possible culprit in killings of the three Kurdish women last week.

«I don't think this time it is the [Turkish] state,» Türk was quoted by Habertürk daily as saying. He added that the perpetrators could be international forces that don't want to see Turkey become a lone international power in the region.

«Finding a solution to the Kurdish issue would make Turkey the sole power in the region. For this reason, Iran could be the one responsible [for the killings]. It happened before too,» Türk claimed.

The deputy said he is not speaking based on evidence but is just speculating.

In a televised interview earlier this week, Türk said that during their talks Öcalan warned of Iran's negative role in the peace process.

Adapted from Worldbulletin