The budget of Chisinau is planned to cut by 42 mln. leis

This was stated by head of the Man Finance Department of Chisinau Veronica Herta at the weekly sitting in the City Hall.

According to her, the cut in the budget is explained by the road toll on vehicles registered abroad item of the municipal budget being transferred into the national one. By this, the budget of Chisinau has lost 84 million leis, but 50% of them will be compensated by the increase in local duties, Veronica Herta said. Mayor Dorin Chirtoaca pointed out that local duties used to bring to the municipal budget close to 80 million leis. But in 2013 the revenues are expected to amount to 2.2.4 billion leis.

This is stipulated by the plan of increasing local duties, which is being discussed with businessmen now. «We are able to lower the threshold of revenues expected as much as by 10% to be able to keep parameters of the budget and ensure implementation of development projects» Dorin Chirtoaca said. The consultations will last till January, 24, 2013. According to heads of territorial offices of the City Hall, most businessmen have agreed on the raise in duties imposed on facilities of trade and social services. As it was said earlier, in December, 2012 municipal councillors rejected the draft budget of Chisinau for 2013 due to its imbalance.

Adapted from Allmoldova


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