Roma minority celebrates New Year tonight

On the verge of January 13 and 14, the Roma minority in Bulgaria marks its ethnic cultural feast Vassilitsa, also known as the day of Vassil( Basil) or Bango Vassily (the lame Basil).

According to some legends Bango Vassily is a defender and a guardian of the Roma. Other legends say that Bango Vassily(Basil) saved all Roma from drowning in a stormy sea. Bango Vassily is a family feast and goose or rooster meat is a must on the table on this day. All houses where Bango Vassily is celebrated remain locked until midnight to prevent luck from escaping.

After the arrival of the Roma New Year all Roma people start to accept guests, hoping the first one to be a good person, who will bring them luck.

Adapted from Bulgarian National Radio