About 500,000 dollars to be invested in Moldovan libraries

About 68 libraries of Moldova will benefit from computers and access to Internet via a pilot programme Novateca. The investments for modernization will reach 500,000 dollars.

«Besides the skills of using the computer, the librarians will be trained to develop professional skills in using many IT services. We are going to extend this programme in all the Moldovan libraries», programme's director Evan Tracz said at a presentation of project.

Moldovan President's wife Margareta Timofti said each community needs a modern library and clever librarians to develop harmoniously. «If someone comes to the library only to use the Internet, the librarian will be responsible for drawing the citizen's attention to a book, a name and in this way, he will provide important information».

The event was organized with the support of Margareta Timofti, in partnership with the Culture Ministry. The programme is carried out due to the financial support provided by the US Foundation Bill & Melinda Gates, in cooperation with the US International Development Agency.

In December 2012, many district libraries have been equipped with computers via the Novateca programme. Presently, only 11 per cent of the Moldovan public libraries benefit from computers with access to internet.

Adapted from Moldpres