Bulgaria’s population decreases alarmingly

In a quarter of all 5 329 settlements in Bulgaria the ethnic Bulgarians are less than 50 percent, the Center for Demographic Policy rings alarm.

The settlements where the Bulgarian ethnos is a minority have doubled after the start of democratic changes. In as many as 1 377 villages, 21 towns and 42 municipalities and 3 districts the ethic Turks and Roma are more than the Bulgarians.

There is a tendency for the Bulgarian ethnos to concentrate in large cities, mainly in district centers, while minority groups remain in smaller settlements. Figures referring to birth rate are also worrying. From January 1 to December 26, 2012 the number of babies born in Bulgaria is 61 909, which is 10 thousand less than in 2011.

The prognosis is for a long-term melting down of the population. According to the realistic forecast given by Eurostat, Bulgaria’s population will shrink to 5.7 million by 2050.

Adapted from Bulgarian National Radio


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